Chicago Guest House's Guide to
Exploring Lakeview

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of Wrigleyville without the crowds! It is here that you will find an incredible selection of restaurants , cafés, bars, groceries, and shopping---big name chains & unique boutiques.  Continue to stroll along Belmont Ave, Sheridan and Halstead and you’ll see why Lakeview has the reputation of being the hippest shopping district in Chicago.  “Family friendly” --- many of the local café’s and restaurants have stroller valets, step stools in the bathrooms, and free meals for kids during certain hours of the day.  
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The Southport Corridor

​​Our location couldn't be better!  This northside neighborhood is lively and vibrant and represents one of the city’s greatest concentrations of live theater , entertainment and dining attractions .​​​ Lakeview is the largest community in Chicago and comprised of several smaller more distinct areas which include Wrigleyville & the Southport Corridor.
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Amazing Restaurants Around Every Corner!

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Tamales to tiramisu; the dining choices in Lakeivew / Wrigleyville are endless . No matter what you have a 'hankerin' for; you’re sure to find it within walking distance of any of the three Chicago Guest House properties!
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Why Coffee? It’s Healthy & Delicious And It Brings People Together! Although we supply fresh ground coffee at each location and a tranquil garden in which to enjoy it, there's just something about going out to grab a cup o' jo! Grab a newspaper, or for a good hoot, 'The Onion' America's finest  and funniest news source, and head over to one of the  local coffee shops or bakeries for  a perfect pick me up and a tasty treat along with some good people watching!

Live Entertainment

The Lakeview music venues and concert halls tops that of any other area in Chicago. Bands travel from around the world to play shows here. Tiny dives with a stage in the back of the bar are just as established in the music scene as the large theaters that seat thousands. 
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The Belmont Theatre District

Over 50 theaters located within a 1 mile radius, officially making Lakeview the largest theatre district in Chicago. The BTD offers theater lovers the best of edgy neighborhood theater, the country’s largest concentration of improv theaters, daytime & late-night shows, standup comedy and dinner theater.  
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Mercury theater in Lakeview Chicago
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Neighborhood Markets

You'll find everything you need to whip up the perfect feast! For your convenience we have grocery buggies and bags at each location. Walk to....Whole Foods| Trader Joe's | Jewel| Paulina Meat Market | El Mercado Latin Market
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