A Hotel vs Chicago Guest House? The Choice Is Simple!

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  Traveling Can Be Stressful on You Emotionally, Physically & Mentally
Something as simple as the inability to prepare a healthy meal for yourself and your family can create anxiety.  Sharing the confined space of a hotel room can make anyone impatient and irritable.  And surely, a restless night trying to sleep through the noise in the hallway outside your door all night will wear on your last nerve!  So why would you choose to stay at a hotel when you can enjoy all the comfort and amenities of an entire Chicago Guest House 'home' for the same price and often less!

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The Addison Suite

The Clark Suite

The Belmont Suite

Travel is Not Supposed to be Stressful--The Guest House Difference
There's no reason to stray from your daily routines that keep you happy and well balanced. From the moment you arrive in to Chicago's northside Lakeview neighborhood you'll feel a calm wash over you.  You can’t help being enchanted by grand old oaks and maples trees that line the streets flanked with beautiful historic Greystone homes.  And even more overjoyed when you walk through the entryway to this lovely, peaceful Chicago Guest House!  Uniquely decorated, comfortable & spacious and fully equipped with everything you could possibly need to make you feel at home. Enjoy the fully equipped kitchens, cozy & quiet bedrooms, spacious living areas, and best of all the tranquil gardens with outdoor dining & gas grills. 

The Wrigley Suite

The Shoreline Suite

The Lakeview Suite

Getting Away from the Hustle & Bustle
Wrigleyville doesn't get any better! You'll love the experience of staying in this family friendly, highly walkable neighborhood where you'll find amazing  restaurants, shopping, and entertainment around every corner.  And from April through October you can walk over to Wrigley Field for a unforgettable afternoon of baseball at one of our country's oldest ballparks!  So, if you're planning more than one night in Chicago, come see the difference for yourself---you'll never stay at a hotel again!