Chicago Guest House Vacation Rental Lease Agreement


1. NO SMOKING: Smoking is strictly prohibited ANYWHERE inside the building, front porches or enclosed back porches or within 15’ of any entry door, window or ventilation intake. Disposing of cigar/cigarette butts on the property (lawns, flowerbeds, flower pots, driveways, parkways, etc.) WILL NOT be tolerated. Ashtrays are provided for guests. Smoking in the building will result in the forfeiture of $500 damage deposit and all Guests in the party will be asked to vacate the property.
2. NO PETS of any kind are allowed anywhere on the property. Pets found on the property will result in the forfeiture of $500 damage deposit and all Guest in the party will be asked to vacate the property.
3.  MAXIMUM CAPACITY: Lessee agrees they will NOT exceed the maximum capacity (NOTED ABOVE) for the apartment. Each member of the Lessees party MUST be at least 30 years of age or accompanied by a parent or guardian. When in doubt a valid driver’s license may be required. Exceptions made on case by case basis. Call Teri 312.952 5150. 
Chicago Guest House makes every effort to book each building with groups having similar dynamics in order to reduce any unnecessary disturbances, thus any Lessee who misrepresents their group is consider in breach of this contract; Chicago Guest House LLC reserves the right to refuse occupancy or have the property vacated for lease violations. All money applied toward the lease will be forfeited.
4.  NO DRUG USE of any kind to be used on the property. Drug use on the property will result in the forfeiture of $500 damage deposit all Guest in party will be asked to vacate the property.
5.  TRASH:  Chicago Guest House does NOT provide daily cleaning services.
Lessee agrees to keep the common areas (enclosed porches, yard, and patios) free and clear of trash and any dining ware AT ALL TIMES. (Cans, bottles, trash bags, dishes, glasses, etc.) Trash receptacles are located in the alley behind the garage. Blue for recycling, black for all other garbage.
6.  CONDUCT:  Lessee assures that he/she and their guests who occupy the property during the term of the lease will conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful and inoffensive to the neighbors and other Tenants in the building. They shall not disturb, annoy, endanger or inconvenience the neighbors in any way.
7.  REFUNDS:  Chicago Guest House LLC, will make every effort to ensure all equipment (mechanicals, electrical equipment, cable, Wi-Fi, etc.) is kept in good working order at all times however NO amenities can be guaranteed.  In the event a repair or replacement is found necessary, Chicago Guest House LLC will make every effort to have such repairs made within 24 hours of the report (during normal business hours) Please report inoperative equipment promptly  Teri: (312) 952 5150.
Refunds/allowances will be granted ONLY if the property is unfit and uninhabitable and ONLY for the time/dates in which the property was deemed uninhabitable. The malfunction of mechanicals (air conditioner/furnace/water heaters, etc.) appliances (stove, refrigerators/freezers, microwaves, etc.) electrical equipment (TV, Stereo, DVD, etc. plumbing or noise will not automatically render the property unfit and uninhabitable.
In the event Chicago Guest House is unable to remedy the problem within 24 hours (business hours) we will relocated the Lessee to a comparable Chicago Guest House managed property. If no property is available, it is the Lessee’s responsibility to find alternate accommodations: Lessee expressly acknowledges that Chicago Guest House is NOT responsible for any expense incurred as a result of relocation to another hotel/property.
8.  BATHROOM / PLUMBING:  Bathroom plumbing issue resulting from the disposal of anything other than toilet tissue will be considered negligent behavior by Lessee and/or his/her guests. No feminine products, baby wipes, cloth of any kind, food, diapers, toys or other misc. items shall be flushed in the toilets. Any cost related to the remedy of the problem will be deducted for the damage deposit. Any cost incurred above and beyond the $500 will be charged to the credit card provided. 
9.  LEAVE IT AS YOU FOUND IT:  Lessee is expected to leave the property (with the exception of the laundering of linens & towels) in the condition it was when he/she took occupancy. Maintaining the property in good order and appearance. Check out instructions are provided.
Guest has been charged a fee for the cleaning of the apartment upon their departure, however the cleaning fee DOES NOT cover the cost of professional cleaning services above and beyond the ‘normal’ scope of cleaning. EXAMPLE:  Steam cleaning /shampooing carpets, rugs, drapes, curtains, mattresses, furniture, etc. The Guest will be charged for any of these additional services.  
NOTE: AS A COURTESY to ALL GUESTS ---In the event you believe it necessary to have any of these services rendered, PLEASE notify Teri 312.952 5150 IMMEDIATELY so the services can be rendered BEFORE you vacate the home so as not to inconvenience the next guests checking in after your departure.
​10.  DAMAGE:  Chicago Guest House is aware that the home will incur normal wear and tear and assumes the cost of things such as broken dishes, glasses, etc. HOWEVER, damage caused to windows, doors, walls, furniture or linens is not considered normal wear and tear. Any damages that is not considered normal wear & tear will be deducted from the security deposit. In the event the deposit does not cover the cost, Guest will be expected to cover those costs.
NOTE: AS A COURTESY to ALL GUESTS---In the event you believe you have caused damage PLEASE notify Teri 312.952 5150 IMMEDIATELY so the damage item can be repaired or replaced BEFORE you vacate the home so as not to inconvenience the next guests checking in after your departure.
11.  Lessee agrees to indemnify and save Teresa A. Smith and/or Paul J. Kelly harmless from all liability, loss or damage arising from any nuisance or harm made or suffered on the premises by the , or his/her Guests from and carelessness, neglect or improper conduct of any persons entering, occupying or visiting the lease premises.
In the event that any action shall be commended by either party arising out of or concerning this lease or any right or obligation derived there from the prevailing party shall be entitled to receive attorney’s fees as fixed by the Court for all relief at law or equity. Lessee assumes full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the lease for the period stated and assures Chicago Guest House LLC full recourse for the payment of any amount outstanding.
12.  CANCELLATIONS: Full refund of the deposit will be issue for cancellations occurring prior to the balance due date noted on the lease agreement.  Cancellations received after the balance due date will result in the loss of the entire booking.   NO EXCEPTIONS for ANY REASON. You may want to use

13.  ADHERENCE to THE LEASE TERMS:  Chicago Guest house LLC requires their employees to monitor the adherence to the terms of the lease agreement. Employees of Chicago Guest House are on site each day to maintain the property. Any employee/contractor of Chicago Guest House LLC will be granted access to the home at any time for reasonable suspicion of a lease violation. Lease violations will be result in your party being vacated from the property.

I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this lease agreement.