Checking In To 3715 North Lakewood Ave  2nd & 3rd Floor

Chicago Guest House Check Out Instructions

11am Check Out 
Please complete this form the night before you depart so that I can schedule Lucy & Adriana accordingly. 
Thank you! 

NOTE: As a courtesy, if you believe anything in the home needs to be addressed (special cleaning, breaks, damage) PLEASE notify us IMMEDIATELY so the services can be rendered BEFORE you vacate the home so as not to inconvenience the next guests checking in after your departure.
Check Out Time
  1. I HATE To Waste Food!
    I HATE To Waste Food!
    You can leave food (NOT prepared food). Cleaning crew will take what they can use and dispose of the rest.
  2. Return Keys to Boxes
    Return Keys to Boxes
    Make sure the key box is securely shut
  3. Bath Towels
    Bath Towels
    Please throw in load of BATH towels. Cleaning crew will strip the beds. Do not mix light with dark colors.
  4. Dishwasher
    Please load and start the dishwasher.
  5. Remove ALL Your Trash
    Remove ALL Your Trash
    Put all your trash in one of the cans in the alley behind the garage.
  6. Close Garage
    Close Garage
    Close garage using code 1964
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