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Guest House on Lakewood Ave / 3 Apartments  
Guest House on Henderson St
1 Apartment 

Lakeview (Wrigleyville)
Approximately 4 miles north of the heart of downtown​ and getting around couldn't be easier--walk to both Red & Brown Line Trains direct to downtown.

​Walk to Wrigley Field
Whether you get to see a Cubs game or not,  you don't want to miss taking a stroll over to  the corner of Clark &  Addison to see one of baseball’s oldest ball parks nestled among the historic greystone buildings that make up this charming neighborhood.
It's a beautiful sight! 

 Southport Corridor Shopping
 Southport Ave with trendy boutiques and Belmont Ave  quirky shops and vintage stores for those'one of a kind' finds!

Nightlife in Wrigleyville
Live music, DJ's and dancing can be found around every corner!

Live Theatre
'Off Broadway' of Chicago!
Comedy, drama, improv; a little bit of everything

Dining in Wrigleyville
Tamales to Tiramisu; the dining choices in Lakeview are endless!

3rd Floor 
Lakeview Suite
3 Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms
Guest House on Newport Ave 
2 Apartments  
1st Floor 
Clark Suite
3 Bedrooms-2 Bathrooms
1st Floor 
Belmont Suite
2 Bedrooms -1 Bathroom
2nd Floor 
Addison Suite
3 Bedrooms-1 Bathrom
1st Floor 
Wrigley Suite
5 Bedroom-2 Bathrooms
2nd Floor 
Shoreline Suite
3 Bedrooms -2 Bathrooms
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Beautifully Furnished  & Fully Equipped   2, 3 and 5 Bedroom Apartments 

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